Best Ways To Avoid Plagiarism

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Best Ways To Avoid Plagiarism

When writing a work, plagiarism is strongly sanctioned, even eliminatory. However, it can sometimes be difficult to understand what plagiarism is, and therefore avoid it. In this article, we will quickly remind you what plagiarism is and give you some tips to avoid it. Plagier is to use words or ideas that belong to a third person without their membership being specified. Indeed, you can not appropriate the words that you find in your reference works. You can not use the work of someone else and pass it off as yours, even if that person has given you his consent. However, there are tips to avoid plagiarism.

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Way to avoid it

If you want to repeat another person’s words or ideas, you have to quote them, putting them in quotation marks . In addition, you must make clear the source of your quote, either in the text itself or via an endnote. If you have recycled a previous assignment, you must mention it to avoid self-plagiarism. Finally, the bibliography at the end of the document should include all the documents you used.

Reference the illustrations

When you use photos, illustrations, graphics or any other visual that does not belong to you , you must reference them . That is, you must indicate the source of the document you are using, either by indicating it under the element concerned or by using a footnote.

Paraphrase the words

When you use a quote, you can easily rephrase it so that it fits better into your work and is more in line with your writing style. However, as for quotes, you must quote your source. The easiest way is to use a footnote. To learn more about reformulation, read this article: The power of reformulation. If the idea developed is part of the general culture, you have no obligation to quote your source.

Make referrals to the bibliography

In any editorial work, you will be asked to build a bibliography. In addition to testifying to your integrity and respect for copyrights, a bibliography attests to the scientific nature of your work while allowing your readers to easily identify and find your sources.

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