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Research writing plays an important role in personal professional growth, academic development and scientific research. It is easy to get high marks by simple learning new information and recording it in front of professor. Creating research and writing papers are different and much more complicated tasks. Nowadays it is an important part of professional education.

Research writing should have certain structure. Normally paper includes the Abstract, Introduction, Analysis of Problem and Possible solution. In such works author has to show the future perspective of certain problem solving.

All parts of such paper should represent the problem itself, the author’s forces for its solution and the results the author get. The main aim of research should be strictly determined. The explanation of author’s methods of problem solving should be presented.

Writing a research article is a tough and complicated work. There are a lot of requirements to paper structure, title, language, results interpretation and conclusions, which author allow making. All information presented in scientific paper should be correct and objective. The problem which author had chosen should be issue of current importance. No ordinary and well known things usually are taken for research.

As you can see, writing a good high quality research work is very difficult task. It is common that students get such tasks rather late and often have no time or possibilities to dedicate themselves to research writing process, forgetting about everything else.

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